Liner Group is a service and security provider located in Berlin, Germany. We specialize on solutions for high risk security and are offering all kinds of personal services for your business. 


The name was established from the word “Berliner” and refers to the background of the company. Founded in 2013 in Berlin, after world wide rise of terrorism and criminality, Liner Group was to be the answer to a market hole in Germany for high end service and security. Our uniqueness is established through the personal training of our employees, and the special briefing and fitting to every single deployment. 


Through years of experience, within the field of security in Germany and the Middle East, can Liner Group Provide security on the highest standard




Our company is structured in various departments, which are all positioned with highly qualified employees. These professional employees represent the connection between our customers, the company as well as the staff.  In order to exclude any potential security holes, we keep the communication between our company and our customers as direct as possible. For directdecision making ability, we have our operations manager that has the permission to make decisions when required. 


With our 24 / 7 emergency call center we are always there for you

Liner Group is a leader in service and security and will always thrive to be the best and to make you a stetisfied custumer.