It means we care!

We care about the enviorment and the people that work for us. We do it cause the enviorment is what gives us live. We care about our staff cause we belive that every one has the right to earn a living. 

People that work for us are doing physical labour or are putting their life in danger so others can be safe. This people deserve to be abole to work and earn egnouh to be able to support their families without govermants help. 

Therefor we decided that we cut our profits and let the people that make us be more statisfied. We also treat our staff with respect and take high responciablity in their safty.​ Take part in changing the panet a bit by not allowing companies to push prices down so people can not live any more from their hard work.

For the future we are planning to integrate disabled personal.

As furfer, Liner Group will try to use as less paper as possiable and recycle all the waste that we produce.

We hope you will help us to protect our enviorment and make this world more fair and a better place to live in.​